365 Days

Seven days a week for 52 weeks. 365 individual writing entries. 81,311 words. This is the accumulation of a year’s worth of thoughts. I made the decision to write every day for 1 year a year ago. My goal was to use it as an outlet for self-expression and coping and to see how it… Continue reading 365 Days


Breaking your conditioning

The other day I had lunch with one of my clients. She is a wonderful artist who is working on building her business while working her full-time job. We had a lovely discussion about how to run our businesses and the fear of taking the next steps. We both shared the same fear of not… Continue reading Breaking your conditioning


Wise and Complete

“We are born wise, we are born complete.” This interesting quote on my tea bag today got me thinking about life and society. We often say we wish we could see through a child’s eyes or that we miss our childhood, when we had no responsibilities or stress. So, what happens in life to “undo”… Continue reading Wise and Complete