Rules Vs. Flexibility

Have you ever considered which is more important, rules or flexibility? Today this question was posed to me, and a small group of people, and the answers were interesting. Most people answered that rules are more important than flexibility. I did not. While it may seem obvious to have rules and that there will be… Continue reading Rules Vs. Flexibility


Real or Make-believe

Distinguishing between what is real and what we are making up in our minds can be difficult. Working from home and for myself makes this a constant battle for me. I find myself believing that if I am not working 8 hours a day 5 days a week, then I am not doing a good… Continue reading Real or Make-believe


Constant Progress

Do you ever get caught feeling like if you are not making direct progress on your goals, you are failing? Today I am feeling this way. Often times it can feel like if you stop climbing for a second, you are sliding backward. Pulling yourself out of this lie and thought can be difficult. With… Continue reading Constant Progress