I have no idea what I’m doing

This is the honest truth. I have no clue what I am doing most of the time. No matter how prepared you think you are to be an adult and manage your life, things happen that throw you off your game. I have recently been working through this lack of knowledge and living in this… Continue reading I have no idea what I’m doing


Stay in your lane

I love the phrase "stay in your lane". No one enjoys having their toes stepped on, and this statement is a fun way to say back off. However, this idea can be applied to our thoughts as well as our actions. When we are worrying about something, it is because we are not in our… Continue reading Stay in your lane


Constant Progress

Do you ever get caught feeling like if you are not making direct progress on your goals, you are failing? Today I am feeling this way. Often times it can feel like if you stop climbing for a second, you are sliding backward. Pulling yourself out of this lie and thought can be difficult. With… Continue reading Constant Progress