You are what you think

We have heard the saying, “you are what you eat”. We know that what we put in our bodies will directly affect how we feel and look. So, we try to eat healthy and have balanced meals throughout the day. What about our thoughts though? Do you ever wonder why you are negative or pessimistic?… Continue reading You are what you think



I have noticed a change in myself since beginning this journey of self-employment and daily reflection. I, like most women, have more clothes than I need. I have more purses, shoes, coats, jewelry and many other things than I will ever need. However, I have not had a desire to buy more since leaving my… Continue reading Worries



Live in the present. Today I am enthralled with the concept of mindfulness. It is the concept of being completely consumed with the present with a heightened awareness of your surroundings. This state of mindfulness should not be confused with a time when you notice every little thing that is wrong, because it is not… Continue reading Mindfulness