As I have started to learn about the different theories and techniques in counseling through my master's program, I have found that I identify with the cognitive-behavioral theory. This theory is based on the idea that the way we think about what happens to us causes us more pain that what actually happens to us.… Continue reading Reflecting



Do you find yourself obsessing about certain thoughts or ideas? Are they far fetched, orĀ  could you realistically obtain the things or ideas you continuously think about? Sometimes you just have to obsess about things until they happen and sometimes you have to let go of your infatuations. In regard to our dreams, only those… Continue reading Obsessions


Go for it.

Today I am caught thinking about my decision over 2 months ago to quit my job and pursue my passions. I am also thinking about my brother who has many hobbies including learning to fly airplanes. I often forget how much my brother and I have in common. We live 1,400 miles away from one… Continue reading Go for it.