“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” - Kurt Vonnegut I really like this quote. I have never really thought about how and who we pretend to be as adults. To pretend is to act or envision ourselves as something we are not. In… Continue reading Pretend


Quick to react

I am someone with a quick temper. I tend to react before thinking through my response to things. While this is not one of my best traits, in terms of chasing my dreams, it is. Conan O’Brian once said, “Real life is about reacting quickly to the opportunity at hand, not the opportunity you envisioned.… Continue reading Quick to react



Do you find yourself obsessing about certain thoughts or ideas? Are they far fetched, or  could you realistically obtain the things or ideas you continuously think about? Sometimes you just have to obsess about things until they happen and sometimes you have to let go of your infatuations. In regard to our dreams, only those… Continue reading Obsessions