There’s nothing to worry about

I got my palm read for the first time when we were in New Orleans. I love stuff like this unnamed (1)and learning more about myself. The first thing she said was stop overthinking things and worrying so much.

I was so surprised that she said this and excited at the same time, because I know this is my biggest weakness. I have “angel cards” that I pull every once in a while and I get one that says “there’s nothing to worry about” all the time. So, it is fascinating to me that a perfect stranger could also pick up on this.

That being said, I still struggle with worry. I worry about doing a good job, working hard enough, not working too much, eating healthy, spending time with family and friends and on and on. My worries keep me up at night and cause me unnecessary stress.

When you are constantly second guessing yourself, you are not giving yourself any credit. I think it is good to be humble, but there has to be some grace and balance. You have to trust yourself enough to keep trying and pushing forward.

If you only worry, you will never enjoy the great things you are doing. Don’t spend your days spinning your wheels. Rather, hit the pavement running and don’t look back. Remember, there’s nothing to worry about.

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