Finding reasons to be dissatisfied

Have you ever caught yourself being dissatisfied or unhappy for no real reason? YouMr_Bean_face may have recently gone through some really tough times, and now you are still taking your blessings for granted. I know I have done this and continue to do this often.

I unintentionally come up with things to worry about and fixate on. Despite making it through hard situations, I find myself trying to anticipate the next crisis. I find myself fearing the subsequent hardship.

This pattern of behavior is not healthy. It is not allowing me to live in the moment and appreciate when life is good. Instead of being present and grateful for today’s blessings I am planning for the worst and building walls to protect myself. This constant worry is only self-destructive.

What I should be doing is living a life of gratitude for having made it through tough times and rough days. I should trust myself enough to know that I can handle whatever comes my way in the future. I should start living in the moment and loving what is good and going well.

Bad days and hardships will come, but sitting around and worrying about them will not change when they come and how long they last. So, embracing each day is critical. Focusing on what you can control and finding happiness and peace is crucial. Instead of finding reasons to be dissatisfied, find reasons to smile and enjoy life.

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