A friend of mine, Donalisa Stinyard, has created a fabulous little work-book to help youEmbrace (1) find your word for 2018! (For FREE) This little workbook is a great way to narrow your focus and establish the one word you hope to use to guide you through the year.

After much thought and working through Donalisa’s booklet, I have determined that my word for 2018 is embrace. I am so excited to see how this word influences me throughout the year and hope it can lead to more positivity and happiness in my day to day thinking.

For me, I felt that my word needed to focus around my tendency to overthink things and worry. It is no secret that my life for the foreseeable future is going to be full of unknowns. My goal is to embrace these unknowns rather than over analyze and worry about what I cannot change.

Embrace (to me) means letting go of expectations, social standards and taking things as they are. Embrace means not letting fear guide you, but knowing that everything happens for a reason. Embrace means understanding that you are not perfect and speaking kindly to yourself will inevitably reflect how you speak to others.

I look forward to exploring this word more and would encourage anyone to find a word for 2018. You will find that your word may truly be the key to achieving your resolutions this year.


2 thoughts on “Embrace”

  1. I like your word for this year! Embracing changes and the present prepares us for a better and more positive future. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts and thank you for sharing your friend’s workbook! I will check it out, Lauren 🙂

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