My inspiration, my mom

My dad hates the way my mom and I communicate. He thinks it sounds like we are1929019_93706798730_6330526_n “bitching” at each other. However, that is just how we are, we understand how to talk to one another and be real. And honestly it is one of my favorite things about my relationship with my mom.

Growing up, I was blessed to have a mother that let me be me. She understood that I am a “free spirit” and brutally honest (as she likes to say). Because of this freedom I have always felt I can express myself with her. I can vent and she can vent, and then we can have a deep heartfelt conversation.

I consider my relationship with my mom to be unique and very special. Her wisdom and work ethic has led me to make many decisions throughout my life. We are fortunate enough to live close and be in a networking group together.

Recently she asked me who I inspires me the most in my life. I respond with I don’t know and we moved on. However, the more I think about her and the amazing things she has done in her life, the more I have realized that she is my inspiration. I have always been amazed by my mother. She is a work horse and yet the kindest most caring person.

My mother went back to College at 40 to become a teacher (and got a 4.0), lost all her hair due to alopecia, started a business with my dad (while working full time as a teacher) and now runs the business and is growing it like crazy. *Side note: my dad is also incredible and I will write a post about him around father’s day. My mom is the kind of person who never stops. She gives 110% every day.

While I wish for more balance in her life sometimes, I am so incredibly proud of all she has and continues to accomplish. I hope to be this kind of mother to my children someday. I want them to see what hard work looks like and kindness and grace all at the same time. I want to be the inspiration that she is to me. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

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