Recently I watched A Wrinkle in Time, finally. I really enjoyed the movie, but a specific wrinklemoment stood out to me. At one point Zach Galifianakis says to Storm Reid, “it’s ok to fear the answers, you just can’t avoid them”.

This got me to thinking about my life and my fears. As I continue to live in limbo, I find myself afraid of the next steps. This fear then makes me want to shut down and not move forward at all due to the risks and possible negative outcomes.

By avoiding the answers to my questions and the unknown parts of my life, I am inadvertently telling myself it is better not to try than to try and fail. However, knowing this is not true and hearing this quote tonight makes me want to push on. Avoiding things has never worked for me in the past, so I shall face the unknown head on and simply let the fear guide me rather than define me.

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