Wounds to wisdom

Rejection sucks. No matter how you slice it, it is never fun to be rejected. Even when youdownload did not really want the opportunity and did not seek it out, it hurts to not be wanted or to be told you are not qualified.

However, rejection is the perfect time to learn more and work harder. Oprah Winfrey once said, “turn your wounds into wisdom.” Just because you were not selected for a particular opportunity does not mean that you are not skilled or valuable. It just means it was not the right fit.

Turning your wounds into wisdom is the only medicine for rejection. It is your opportunity to determine what may have gone wrong and how to better prepare yourself in the future. It is the start of growth.

Hearing someone tell you that you are not qualified can be disheartening, but you hold the true knowledge of your experience. You can then choose how you proceed. You can choose to take that information as fact or let it fuel your fire and desire to learn more and be better than the day before. Like everything in life. It is all about how you respond. Choose to respond with wisdom over your wounds. 

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