I chose to relocate to Springfield, Missouri for my second semester of my freshman yearimages of college. While my parents had just moved here, I knew absolutely no one else. I needed a fresh start.

However, they do not tell you that when you go to college, you have to actively seek out friends, your roommates will not necessarily be your best friends. So, I made it my mission to join a sorority. Although I have never been the type of girl to have lots of girlfriends, I knew that this would be the fastest way to make friends. So, I found one that seemed to fit my personality and joined.

I dove in head first. I participated in as much as humanly possible to meet people and make friends. The first year was awesome, I was building relationships and staying busy, but it soon became a source of stress and drama that I did not expect or want. So, by my junior year, I ended up quitting.

Although this was such a great way to meet friends that I still have to this day and how I met my husband, it was not something I was meant to be a part of forever. So, whenever I think about tackling something new I reminisce on this experience. I think about my intentions when I joined, and that is it. I leave my worries and assumptions at the door because many times trying things and putting yourself out there is a means to an end. It is not always about a lifelong commitment, sometimes it is merely a stepping stone to get you to where you ultimately want to be. 

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