Living in Southwest Missouri we do not get a ton of snow. Growing up in Southeast Ohio unnamedand Connecticut, I am used to and expect copious amounts of snow each winter. Unfortunately, I am disappointed most years only getting a few inches, if that.

Snow is such a beautiful phenomenon, it covers the barren landscape, winter brings, and provides new life. However, snow is temporary (at least in Missouri). Snow loses its beauty when roads melt and cars drive on it. Snow begins to re-reveal the bare trees and yellow grass beneath it’s initial beauty.

Under the snow are trees and plants. These plants appear to be dead, but have deep roots keeping them from dying throughout the harsh winter. While the snow gives a glimmer to the trees, it does not hide the truth beneath, the trees are raw and exposed. However, the trees are strong and sturdy because their roots run deep and wide.

Like snow, we find temporary satisfaction in trivial things. Vices like money, food, alcohol and drugs give us instant gratification that will not last. These vices will be used over and over to fill voids in our lives rather than focusing on what really matters.

For us to withstand the harsh elements this life presents us with, we must root ourselves in love. For love is everlasting. The root must start deep within yourself, loving who you are and all you can be. Then your roots will begin to grow wider, expanding to those around you and the relationships closest to you.

The snow in our lives will come and go. But if we can root ourselves in love we will not need the snow to fill any voids. We will see the snow from a distance, and with the knowledge that it is temporary we can remember that true joy comes from within.

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