Here and Now

A couple days ago my husband and I were on the road to Hot Springs, AR for a little27857966_10155781224605546_3837030631438860002_n valentine’s get away. For those who have not traveled through the Ozarks and Arkansas, it is a winding and seemingly boring drive. The majority of the drive is filled with small towns, slow speed limits and run down barns.

However, even in the dead of winter there is something beautiful about the barren landscape we were driving through. At the top of each hill you can see for miles, fields of gold and vast mountains. Despite the leafless trees and overcast sky there is a beauty you can only find in the untouched earth.

I am took this 4.5 hour drive as an opportunity to be present, to embrace the sights and small things most people would miss. I am focused on the here and now. Often times when we get a chance to disconnect and unnamedget away our mind wanders to the past and reminiscing on what we could have done differently. In fact my husband and I had a whole conversation about our pasts earlier in the drive.

However, sometimes we need to just be present and take in the new memories we are making. We generally don’t remember days, we remember moments. I hope to remember these moments that are simpler. I want to look back and appreciate the drive, not just the destination.  

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