Make up your mind

My mom always said that once my mind is made up you better get out of my way, 3579_10423_1388_9_28_13_37_6_685Fbecause I will make it happen. Determination has never been hard for me, when I set my mind to something I get it done. I like to think that this is one of my better qualities, but for many it can be hard to make decisions and act on them.

I write about how fear holds us back, but the fear does not come out of thin air, fear comes from a lack of direction or knowledge in situations. Think about what scares you. Are you afraid of being alone forever? If you think about it you are really afraid of not knowing. Are you afraid of spiders? Your fear of them is a fear of not knowing what they will do or if they will hurt you.

We are most afraid of things we cannot control and things we do not understand. So, for me I like to conquer my fears by doing. I figure out enough to reasonably diminish my lack of understanding and then I go for it.

I have always been a leap before looking kind of person. I think sometimes you have to simply make up your mind and accept what may or may not happen to conquer fear. Life is too short to spend forever wondering what if. The only way to find out is to do.

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