I am a Gemini. I hate to admit it, but I can have two different sides to me. I don’t mean geminilglike a good side and bad side, because we all have days when we are not our best. I mean that I have a responsible hard working side and a relaxed carefree side.

Being a Gemini is confusing. I can identify with many different people because I have different “versions” of myself. All of these versions are real and authentic, but sometimes they clash. Today I am having a lot of internal turmoil with my two most dominant personality traits. My responsible self is very angry for letting the relaxed carefree version win last night.

To back up, I am trying to change my lifestyle and build muscle and change my body. I am very committed to this goal and it is making me feel very good to have something to work toward. However, I really enjoy drinking (especially craft beer). With drinking comes snacking and with drinking and snacking comes weight gain.

So, I am at war with myself over how to balance these two sides of myself without giving up one over the other. I know this is all stupid and petty, but it is tough to find this balance with my beer loving husband and friends. I know that the simple answer is moderation, but that is easier said than done. I know I can do it, but forming a plan and sticking to it is something the responsible version of myself needs.

Anyone else ever struggle with something like this or is it just me?? 

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