Why and How

“Those who have a “why” to live, can bear with almost any “how.”” – Viktor E. Frankl50e73ff586fb37a47ecb04aaf0e015d8

This is so true. You may not think about it often, but you have many reasons why you continue to live each day. Some days you have to fight harder to find your how, but you always have your why.

Think about your whys. I cannot even begin to list them all, but just a few include my husband, my family, my friends, my dogs, and my business. These normal parts of my daily life are what keep me going.

Unfortunately, there are days when everything feels like it is working against you. It is in those days that you are focused on the how. You are pulled away from the reasons you get up in the morning. While this shift in focus is necessary, try not to lose sight of your whys.

Those precious reasons to live each day and make them count are your lifeline. Don’t take them for granted and don’t give up on them. You will survive, and you will find a way to push on. Take each day for what it is and keep getting up each morning with a renewed focus. You may not know how you will get through the day, but you will. 

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