Easily Distracted

I can admit it, I am easily distracted. While I would say I have good time managemente33d2616d398798174a5f98806eda7a9-hello-friday-art-quotes-e1539359820652 skills, I do tend to get off track. I may get everything done, but sometimes it feels like I am doing it the hard way.

Today I tried a new tactic. I did not allow myself to get up to get more coffee (my second cup) until I completed the task I was working on. This task took me a little over an hour. In that time I did finish my first cup of coffee and really wanted another. However, I stuck to my plan.

What I found was that by focusing on finishing the task I was more focused. I was more efficient and actually got done faster than I would typically have had I gotten up for a refill right away. Working for small uninterrupted chunks is an excellent method for the “easily distracted.” Although this may not work for everyone all the time, it is something that can help with better time management and incentives and bribes never hurt. 

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