“There is pleasure in the pathless woods.” – Lord Byron


This was the quote from my tea today and it got me thinking. Every day we make decisions. We decide when to get up, what to wear, what to eat, so on and so forth. These decisions mostly come easy, but not always. Why is that? Why do we sometimes struggle to pick out an outfit or decide where to go for dinner? I think this is due to a lack of direction. For example, your body craves certain food every day. You then follow those cravings to obtain that food. Simple, right? Not, really. When you do not have a particular craving, it becomes very difficult then for you to narrow down what it is you really want. Hence the lack of direction.

Think about the times you have been most frustrated. It is likely due to a lack of direction and clarity. While this is indeed irritating, I bet you found that clarity and kept moving. So, how did you move through said “pathless woods”? Did you make a pros and cons list? Did you seek out answers to your questions or did you shut down? Sometimes the unknown can be terrifying and hard to navigate, so we cope by blocking it out or distracting ourselves. While this can help, it is only a temporary fix. It is when you can take the time to truly breath and search within yourself that you can find the hidden path and ENJOY uncovering it. If you are lucky enough to find the pathless woods, you must then find the courage to create your own path. I challenge you to embrace this time of the unknown, because it is in these moments that we grow the most. Try see the unknown as an adventure or the next chapter and keep turning the pages.

Will you be uncovering the hidden path today or creating your own? Either way you are blessed with the power to DECIDE.





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