How to find peace in chaos

We all want to be happy and at peace, right? This is so easy to do when we have clarity AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIIAAAAJDFjNDRlMGRhLTFlYWUtNDVlNS05OTYyLWVmNGNhMDRmZjRkOAand simplicity in our lives. However, I am almost certain that no one’s life is simple and easy day after day. Most days are jam packed with to do lists, frustrating commutes, family, lack of sleep and many other complications testing our nerves.

So, how do we encapsulate and recreate the few simple days we experience? I believe it starts with your mind and works through your entire being throughout the day. What is your first thought each morning? I know for me (because I LOVE sleep) my first thought each day is about not wanting to get up and how much longer I can sleep. I am immediately starting my day in a negative head space because I am annoyed by my alarm and thinking about not wanting to get up. I am also starting the day annoyed with myself for not following through and getting up early, as I had promised myself I would the night before. (Yes, this is an ongoing struggle for me #NotAMorningPerson)

What if we focused on one thing we look forward to each day? This can be a big thing or a small thing, but it could change the course of our days entirely. For example, I love getting up and having coffee and watching the news. I really enjoy this time of my day and if I can focus on this rather than sleeping longer I will get up earlier and accomplish more with a better attitude. Whereas, if I sleep too long I will miss the news and that relaxing time to put me in a good mood.

Chaos is inevitable, but it is how we respond to it that gives us peace and happiness. If we start the day with a positive outlook we will respond better to daily frustrations than if we do not. Sometimes it helps me to think about what simplicity in life means. Many define simplicity as doing nothing. However, those who do nothing experience nothing. So, everyday it is important to try and embrace the chaos and find windows of peace through out. If we can work on living more peacefully and in a state of happiness the chaos will seem more bearable and happiness will self-perpetuate.

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