Hello December


We have all heard people say they wish everyday was like Christmas, but have you thought about what that really means? Really, the whole month of December is filled with joy and a giving spirit unlike any other month throughout the whole year. Why is that? It is because society has adopted this is as a standard and it is expected throughout the holidays.

I wonder though, why can we not adopt this mindset to be kinder to one another and be more giving all year long? Is it really that hard? It is not hard at all. Giving and being kind should be easier than not. It should be a natural reaction not an act full of effort and discomfort.

Imagine if we could bottle up all the love, happiness, kindness and gratitude we see and express throughout December and distribute it though the year. It is likely that while we would be improving the world and reducing crime or tragedy that we would also be happier ourselves.

Think about the times you have given to others expecting nothing in return. I’m sure you felt a warm and good feeling in your heart. Why wouldn’t you want that all year long? With December upon us and the new year quickly approaching, I encourage you to carry this kindness and giving attitude with you past December and all through the next year. In time these actions will become second nature and you will ultimately be happier and grateful for this amazing life you are living.


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