Confidence and Action

Many people think you need confidence to take action. You have to know all the answers downloadbefore doing what it is you hope to do. In some cases, this can be done, but often times you do not have the luxury of confidence. Instead, you have action or inaction.

There are times in life when you are faced with decisions that come with significant risks. In these moments you can wait for the answers, or you can move forward and find the answers along the way. Those who wait for the confidence to act will likely never act. While, those who move forward regardless of their confidence will not only make great strides, but they will develop their confidence naturally.

When it comes to taking a leap of faith or taking a risk the action is implied. You cannot complete this act by sitting around. You have to go for it. Confidence is great, but it is nothing without action. Action is the starting block for all progress and success. So, if you find yourself waiting to make big moves due to a lack of confidence, stop thinking and start doing. 


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