When you look too closely at something, you cannot see the bigger picture. There is moreimages than this moment. There is more than the hurt and the pain you are feeling right now. This is not the end.

So often, we get caught up in our own emotions. We live so passionately that we allow those thoughts and feelings to take us over. The reality is that the world is still turning and we have to get on with things. So, while you are stilling there dwelling in what could have been or should have been, you are missing what is right now.

Defeat is not final, it is just the end of a moment only leading to the next moment and possible victory. Look at defeat as a closing of a chapter, not the ending of a book. There are going to be times in life when you feel that the loss you are experiencing is final and you may never recover, but then something will make you laugh. The sun will shine on your face, and you will slowly find your way out of the darkness.

We cannot predict defeat, but we can prepare for battle. We can armor ourselves with ways of coping so that the blows don’t hit so hard and we can pick ourselves up faster. There are too many amazing things happening in our lives each and every day not to smile and embrace them. I promise that this feeling won’t last forever, and you will be the victor of your wildly beautiful life. Remember that a single defeat is not a final one.


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